Remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice



I am perplexed by the greatness of our country and the stupidity of our process. I am certainly not one to believe that politicians are typically honest and the brutal honesty of Donald Trump is probably attractive to many – I get it.  My real concern is with the bullying behavior of Mr. Trump which is evidenced in almost every press conference that
he gives. It is apparent to me that he will hold grudges and emotionally decide on his outcomes based on how much he dislikes somebody. Case in point is, it’s about a federal judge. The federal judges following protocol procedures and Trump is going after him in the press which we know is dangerous in that many of his followers have been in cited to violently display behavior against anti-trump people. This has the same flavor
as 1930 Germany. On the other hand we have a candidate who is well-known for her lies and has broken federal laws and placed our diplomatic corps in danger in Libya. As a veteran of this great nation I am dismayed that these two individuals are the very best we have to offer.